For the love of the game … this is the driving force behind Diamond in the Rough.


Two people passionate about baseball and softball and all that it embodies – the subtle nuances of the sport, the fundamentals, the skills and the competition. This is the foundation and the driving force behind Diamond in the Rough.

Dave and Kim Stoakes wanted to build something that would provide individual players and teams the resources to train for their baseball and softball seasons and to improve their skills. They wanted a facility that provided the batting elements and decided to take it a step further and included clay pitching mounds to simulate as close as they could real-world conditions.

“We’ve built the space for every kid that who has the desire to learn the game and get better. We decided to provide memberships to make it easy for those that want to come in and train at their convenience and to make it easy for them to use the space.” – Dave Stoakes

Photo courtesy of Troy Banning - The Daily Freeman Journal

Photo courtesy of Troy Banning – The Daily Freeman Journal