New Way to Reserve Workout or Tunnel Time

January 22, 2023

We have upgraded our system to reserve time in the facility.  In the past, we had utilized a generic Self-Workout Reservation Visit and limited to 2 reservations per hour. Utilization has increased leading to some scheduling conflicts with tunnels and pitching machines when multiple events are going on at the same time.

We have converted to linking machines to tunnels making sure the desired equipment is available. You don’t have to utilize the pitching machine, but this reduces scheduling conflicts by designating one to each tunnel.

Tunnel #1 (West-Near the desk) will link a Jugs Softball Pitching Machine availability.  If you are a baseball player and just prefer Tunnel #1, you can still reserve it. It just doesn’t guarantee a Hack Attack Baseball Machine will be available.

Tunnel #2 (Middle) will link a Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine availability. If you are a softball player and just prefer Tunnel #2, you can still reserve it. There is no guarantee a Jugs Pitching Machine will be available.

Tunnel #3 (East) will link both a Jugs and a Hack Attack machine for use. You may choose which one, or neither.  This tunnel will also be the one assigned for Team Tunnel Rentals.

For many, a pitching machine is not necessary during your workout. If so, reserve your preferred tunnel or one that is available.

We hope these changes will reduce scheduling conflicts and make for a smoother, timely workout!



22 Jan, 2023

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